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5 Tips and Tricks for Renovating an Older Home

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#1 Now’s the Time

More and more people are seeing the benefits of buying an older home and renovating it, whether to make personal changes to fit their needs and personalities or to upgrade a home and sell it for a profit. If renovating a home has ever been a dream of yours, now’s the time to do it! Homes in West Boise, East Boise, and the historic North End are the perfect properties to purchase and renovate to your desires, or to flip for a profit and then move on to the next! Timing is everything - so act now!

#2 Restoring vs Redoing

With a lot of much older homes, like the ones in the North End, doors and cabinets have settled into a snug fit with the rest of the home. Rather than ripping out features that already fit and trying to find something new to replace it, consider just restoring what the house already offers. Original features are a big selling point when they have been restored to their full potential. Many older homes were built with custom features, that when preserved, creates the most authentic look. Consider things like restoring those old hardwood floors rather than redoing them with something more modern. This will preserve the historic feel of a vintage aged home. 

#3 Contractors & Architects

Partnering with a contractor or consulting an architect can be a life saver. A local architect could provide insight into the structure of the home and what walls or beams you can and can’t tear down, as well as advising you what parts of the home are original gems you won’t want to get rid of. When deciding to do demolition work, having a contractor available can save a lot of time and money. Make sure that you hire a contractor who works on the type of home you’ve bought. If your project home is from the early 1900’s, you’ll want a contractor that understands that type of structure. Having a professional on your side is a huge benefit on a renovation project. 

#4 Live with the Home

There are huge benefits to living in an old home and getting to know it before upgrading or renovating it. Learning what works and what doesn’t work in the home, finding out what you can live with and what absolutely needs to be redone can help save time and money when you start making changes. Living in the home for a bit before making big changes gives you the opportunity to get creative and research the kinds of upgrades you’ll want to make, while also allowing you to get a better idea of what your budget will look like depending on what you decide absolutely must be done in the home.

#5 Know Where to Splurge

Many first time renovators think that they have to splurge on a big upgraded kitchen with all the modern features, or completely redo the master bathroom from top to bottom. The fact is, the charm of a vintage home is what a lot of potential buyers will want when looking at buying a renovated property. Adding modern conveniences here and there is a definite plus, but draining your whole budget on a bathroom or kitchen might not be the best investment of your funds. Consider what really needs to be redone. Do the floors have water damage? Does the roof desperately need to be replaced? Spend your money where it counts most, and your investment will be worth it.

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